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About Helenemoda



JERF Sportswear


JERF is a sportswear brand born with the unique design and creation to fit into the daily routine for ladies. It’s chic, innovative, challenging, performing and fashion at the same time.

This is where innovation meets fashion and reveals the ultimate motivation.

JERF is the niche brand that is created to meet the everyday need for each individual. Whilst providing leisure it’s a combination of casual and sportswear. This gives way to classification of the product which is multifunctional in any event.



Aqua Perla Swimwear


Established in 1983, Aqua Perla provides a broad swimwear product range for ladies, men, baby and children. Keen in product quality by using European fabric, and product development, Aqua Perla pays a lot of attention to design and style. All swimwear are chlorine resistant. Aqua Perla also features a nice range of Beach Towels and Turkish towels. Enjoy Aqua Perla swimwear, and there are many more new items to come in the future.



Idilbaby and Mamino


In 1998, a specialized textile factory that have been operating in the textile industry and producing for foreign brands since 1984 decided to create their own brand Idilbaby as it was in line with their experience and sectoral knowledge in this process. In 2004, the brand Mamino joined Idilbaby, which meets the basic needs of the 0-2 year old baby. Stylish pants, cool jackets, beautiful dresses meet with the babies and kids aged 0-8.


All of Idilbaby & Mamino branded clothes, which are carefully prepared for the mothers who care about their babies' health, are made from fabrics that do not harm sensitive skin, from carcinogenic substances, AZO and phthalate-free accessories.

Tons of threads go on a magical journey every month. First they touch in safe and hygienic conditions, and then they take on vivid colors. Finally, they go on their journey to our production centres to be cut and turned into beautiful models. This intense but enjoyable process in the production line is followed step by step.

It is an invaluable happiness to see our products that the mother has safely put on her baby.